Check out the exciting things you can do in Bergen!

If you have visited Bergen, you would know what a great place it is! Bergen is the ideal place for those who love to take photos and get their pictures taken; for those who love adventure and are ushered with excitement when it comes to hiking and mountain biking; those who love to explore the cultural and historical places and those who love to spend some superior time with their near and dear ones in a beautiful weather.

free tour Bergen

Here are the interesting things you can try in your free tour Bergen:

  • Sunsets are enchanting in Bergen. Keep in mind to take Floibanen Funicular with you to admire the beauty of Mt Floyen and to save some coins and make some unforgettable memories, go up hiking!
  • If you have high regard for heritage sights, then UNESCO world heritage enclave of Bryggen is the place for you that is filled with souvenirs for you to take back home.
  • If you love to take a tour back in time, not literally, then visit Hanseatic Museum to witness the rich history of Bergen.
  • Hang out in the themed hotel Oleana of Bergen to enjoy the hippie yet so sleek and refreshing environment.
  • Get on to what Bergen is renowned for, the Fjord cruise to Mostraumen. Pick the one that offers you 3 hours ride to see all the famous and glories of Bergen.

Bergen is much, much more than these places and a lot more places! They add the moon to the universe of Bergen! It has got everything you ever want to explore or to experience in a vast diversity that you would certainly leave you in awe!