Know the right way to play poker

You might have come across the concept that aggressive player makes more money in a game of poker. This is true but most players don’t get the exact meaning of being aggressive. Being aggressive in soho poker means putting in more money and this is what many players are afraid of. They do not want to risk too much money. Here are a few points to let you know the right way in which you should play the game of poker.

soho poker

Learn Some Strategy

The strategy is crucial in a poker game. No matter how aggressive you are or how much money you have in your bankroll, it means very little if you do not have any strategy for the game. Do not go beyond your spending limits unless you have enough knowledge about the game. You can learn some strategy by playing at low limit tables. There is not much money in low limits but they are good for boosting your confidence. Once you are confident, you can become aggressive.

Make Slow Moves

Even after becoming an aggressive player, you cannot just run into any games and start with big bets. You need to start with the low ones. You need to make a smooth transition from a tight player to an aggressive player. The process should be well-planned. It cannot be achieved overnight. Try different techniques like raising the bet and stepping down the limits. Check out how these affect your gameplay. Always play in your normal limit and choosing a particular hand with which you can be more aggressive. Keep monitoring your progress and it will let you know how much aggressive will make you more money.


There is no step by step rules to play poker. There are some points which are going to help you play poker in the right way so that you make more money.