Online Poker: Making Your First Deposit into Your Account

Congrats! You finally signed-up in an online casino, since it’s your first time, this article will serve as your guide in order to deposit your funds safe and sound.

Actually, depositing your money to your online casino account is just a simple process. Once you have a verified account in any poker online pulsa, you can just simply log in to that account, go to the cashier menu, and then choose deposit. Most of the online poker will automatically display the list of deposit options that are currently available on your country, you can choose any deposit method that may appear on the screen.

After clicking the deposit option from the menu section, the online poker site will give some instructions for the completion of your deposit. Some poker sites will ask a few questions regarding the amount and which method you’ll be using. If you pick E-wallet deposit option, you may need to create an additional account on that E-wallet site.

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For first-timers, online poker sites or online casinos have a small amount of restriction for deposits. Most of the online poker sites want you to start at a small amount first for you to try if you’ll be enjoying the game or not since most of them are not refundable. However, if you insist to deposit more, you can simply talk to their customer support and ask if it is possible for them to lift up the deposit amount restriction or let them allow you to deposit as much as you want. Don’t worry, customer service support in most online poker sites are friendly and usually, they’ll grant your request.

Different Types of Deposit Methods

Below are the following deposit methods you can choose:


E-checks are the most favorite deposit method of some players because this kind of deposit method has the same procedure with instant bank transfer which you can access online. Using an ECheck deposit, you’ll need to fill out your banking account information and choose your desired deposit amount and then click deposit. The good thing about ECheck, it doesn’t have any additional fees or extra charges, so you can deposit your money for free. However, some online poker sites don’t have this kind of deposit methods on their platform.

Aside from this, withdrawing your winnings using ECheck is also an easy method. If you’re ready to withdraw your winnings, you just need to request an ECheck withdrawal, your money will be sent automatically to your bank account.

Visa and MasterCard Deposit Method

Aside from EChecks, Visa and MasterCard can also bring convenience with the players. You just need to fill out all the needed information, choose your desired amount to deposit and then click the submit button. After doing this, your deposit will be processed real-time. Also, using this method doesn’t have extra fees and charges, transactions are free of charge.


E-wallets are popular for players who play poker regularly. For them, E-Wallets such as PayPal, Paysafecard, EcoPayz, and etc. let them make a deposit to any poker sites easily without hassles. Once you have an E-Wallet account with you, you can simply deposit and withdraw your funds from any online poker sites.